CruiSpa is here to help you manage your cruise journey!

CruiSpa is a mobile application for cruise travellers that combine pre-cruise research tools, onboard information and entertainment, and port activities.

Next level of cruise ship experiences

With CruiSpa mobile app, travellers can save itineraries, make reservations, keep track of all cruise entertainment and find activities that suit their interests better. Cruise travellers can also book shore excursions, restaurants and other fun activities. The app allows keeping track of total onboard expenses and will let the passengers check out a list of the best free cruise offerings while on board.

Our customers

Statistically, the average age of cruise ship passengers is 50+, yet 86% of cruise passengers are college/university graduates. CruiSpa considers different age groups and interests and makes a suggestion that fits you the most!

It is a unique, comprehensive mobile app that combines information about significant cruise lines, allowing travellers to compare before purchasing a cruise ticket.

Our mission is to develop a pleasant vacation experience and a relaxed environment for all passengers.

Manage your trip, find activities that suit you, keep track of your spending and enjoy your vacation.